Hi, I’m Trish, an HR Professional with 27 years of HR Generalist experience in a variety of sectors including government agencies, health, education, retail, and electricity distribution. Most of this experience has been at a senior leadership level.”

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LinkedIn: Trish Hazlett

Email: trish@xtraHR.co.nz

If you need a short term project completed or training programme delivered, an independent employment related investigation undertaken, or extra expertise to assist your busy HR team or consultancy business for a short period of time, just call and I can deliver to a high standard.


My personal Philosophy is:

Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy.

Xtra HR is based in Geraldine, South Canterbury, but with our mobile home, we can travel throughout the country as required.

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  • Leadership Coaching

    undertaking International Coaching accreditation

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • Integrated HR and Business Practices

    recruitment, onboarding and induction, performance management, remuneration and reward, workforce planning, industrial and employee relations, health and safety

  • Position Description and Job Evaluations

    Strategic Pay SPF10 accredited

  • Psychometric Assessments

    DiSC, Myers Briggs, CEB/Garner, Opra Accredited

  • Competency Framework Development

  • Development and Implementation

    of Organisational Training Frameworks

  • Training and Development

    Programme Delivery and development

  • Industrial Relations and Employee Relations

    union negotiations , disciplinary processes

  • Independent Investigations ie Harassment or Bullying

  • Change Management Specialist

  • Individual and Team Development

  • Organisational Development

  • Culture Change

  • HR Strategy Development


I have worked with Trish for over 20 years in the various roles that she has held within many large organisations and can unreservedly recommend her skills and expertise as a very accomplished HR practitioner.  Trish has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to achieve transformational change in organisational culture with a special talent for adding value to the organisation through targeted and successful management development programmes. She is an extremely capable adviser whose wealth of experience and wisdom I can thoroughly recommend.

Principal, Copeland Ashcroft Law


I have had the pleasure of working with Trish on several senior recruitment projects for Powernet.
It is obvious to me that Trish has enjoyed the trust and confidence of her CEO and Board and is regarded as a highly respected member of the Executive team.
Trish has played a key role in developing and leading change initiatives and embedding a new culture as a significant driver of the success of Powernet over recent years.
She is knowledgeable, responsive and well organized and as an external provider I have really enjoyed working with Trish and the value that she has contributed to our projects.
I have no hesitation in recommending Trish for her abilities in HR and Organisational Development.

Mike Stenhouse

Executive Director, Sheffield

Over the past 5 years I have seen a well executed transformation of practices in an organisation experiencing rapid human growth and change. Trish takes her responsibilities seriously and led the Human Resources function wisely. She knows how to engage stakeholders while delivering results.

Michelle Read

Manager Southern Consulting, Strategic Pay

“I have worked with Trish over the last 5 years in her role as GM Human Resources. In that time my company has had the privilege of working with Trish in developing and creating outstanding culture, strategy and leadership programmes. Trish is an outstanding HR / OD professional, she is focused on building strong relationships with business partners to achieve the best outcomes for her company. As a valued client, CVL have found Trish highly ethical, genuinely open to fresh thinking and always focused on getting great outcomes for all involved.
I have always found Trish open to new ideas and having the courage and vision to create great experiences of growth and commitment for people at all levels in the organisation. Trish has a great ability to introduce and drive change at the macro level, and then have the skills to bring it to a personal level for people to gain commitment and application to real life. In creating and leading change, Trish brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and techniques to create a powerful holistic approach to change and leadership development – a great balance of head and heart in creating opportunities for creating outstanding experiences.
Trish is one of these GM’s that lead by example and would not ask others to do anything she would not do herself. How this plays out is that Trish has a wonderful ability to build trust and confidence in others to back themselves to take on new challenges. This skill will be invaluable in whatever Trish decides to do next in her worklife.”

Pat McShane

Director, The Centre for Vision and Leadership

Trish joined us at PowerNet as GMHR at the end of 2012. At that time, PowerNet was a very different business. Since then, Trish has been instrumental in shaping our business, through the various programmes such as the amalgamation and integration of the various companies, the development of the Shared Vision programme, the Leadership programme, the Competency Framework and other key initiatives.
While Trish’s retirement will be a great loss for PowerNet, it is fantastic for Trish to be able to leave our business at the end of 2017 in the knowledge that she has well and truly made a difference and left her mark with PowerNet.
I have never personally worked with any other Human Resources professional that has given so much, provided such clear direction and achieved such great things for a business. Trish has been fantastic and will be sorely missed.

Jason Franklin

Chief Executive, PowerNet
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