“I have worked with Trish over the last 5 years in her role as GM Human Resources. In that time my company has had the privilege of working with Trish in developing and creating outstanding culture, strategy and leadership programmes. Trish is an outstanding HR / OD professional, she is focused on building strong relationships with business partners to achieve the best outcomes for her company. As a valued client, CVL have found Trish highly ethical, genuinely open to fresh thinking and always focused on getting great outcomes for all involved.
I have always found Trish open to new ideas and having the courage and vision to create great experiences of growth and commitment for people at all levels in the organisation. Trish has a great ability to introduce and drive change at the macro level, and then have the skills to bring it to a personal level for people to gain commitment and application to real life. In creating and leading change, Trish brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and techniques to create a powerful holistic approach to change and leadership development – a great balance of head and heart in creating opportunities for creating outstanding experiences.
Trish is one of these GM’s that lead by example and would not ask others to do anything she would not do herself. How this plays out is that Trish has a wonderful ability to build trust and confidence in others to back themselves to take on new challenges. This skill will be invaluable in whatever Trish decides to do next in her worklife.”